DUI Traffic Violations Attorneys

Many times when people commit a traffic violation and receive a citation for speeding, or are charged with DUI, they may feel as though they have no rights to defend against the charges and the resulting penalties that are brought against them.

However, you do have rights, and at the Illinois law firm of Hunt, Aranda & Subach, Ltd., in DuPage County, Illinois, our DUI- traffic violations attorneys can help to protect those rights. With a combined 100 years of legal experience, we have helped clients cancel the suspension of driving privileges, obtain driving permits, and petition for expungement of arrests and criminal charges based on Illinois Statutes.

If you’re in need of a knowledgeable DUI traffic violations attorney to represent you at a trial or hearing, contact Thomas Casey Hunt at 630-860-7800.

Experienced DUI & Traffic Violations Defense

Almost all traffic violations can lead to a suspended driver’s license or license revocation, but when your license is suspended or revoked for DUI charges or for excessive traffic violations, it may be in your best interest to hire an experienced DUI traffic violations attorney, who can give you the personalized attention you deserve, to represent you.

At Hunt, Aranda & Subach Ltd. our team oriented attorneys can represent you at your driver’s license reinstatement administrative hearing before the Illinois Secretary of State. Among other traffic violations that may require attorney representation include:

  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Driving without insurance
  • Improper lane usage
  • Failure to yield to moving emergency vehicles/ Scott’s Law
  • Speeding in a construction or school zone

Contact our DUI Traffic Violations Attorneys

Being charged and convicted for a traffic violation can have serious criminal consequences without proper legal recourse. Contact Thomas Casey Hunt to speak with our knowledgeable DUI traffic violations attorneys. Call 630-860-7800 for a free consultation. Our attorneys will work to see the best possible results are achieved in your case.